Doc Martens Releases ‘Eastern Art’ Collection Inspired by Japanese Paintings


Lovers of Japanese art who like to be creative with their footwear will be thrilled to learn that Dr. Martens has recently released an “Eastern Art” edition of their classic 1460 Pascal boots and 1461 shoe. In the new collection, which also includes a leather satchel, each piece is covered in hand-drawn paintings digitally printed onto textured leather.

Similarly to Dr. Martens’ Artist Series, which features works by great masters of Western art, each pair of shoes becomes a miniature art piece for your feet. Exploding with color, the designs appear as though painted onto traditional parchment paper thanks to the leather’s texture.

Eastern art has long been an inspiration for creatives, whether we’re talking about the influence of Japanese art on the Impressionists or contemporary tattoo artists paying homage to irezumi. So it makes sense that the forward-thinking British brand would think to mix classic Asian art with their time-honored styles.

The collection ranges from $85.00 for the leather satchel up to $155.00 for the 1460 Pascal boots. All are available via the Dr. Martens website, so scoop them up while you can!

Dr. Martens’ new Eastern Art collection takes inspiration from Japanese paintings.

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All images via Dr. Martens.

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