“Flower Vase Hair” Has People Turning Their Locks Into Real Vases Atop Their Heads


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Instagram is known as the place where beauty and hair trends emerge and take the world by storm. They run the gamut between practical and quirky, but they always captivate us with their artistry. The latest Insta-fad to enthrall the internet is as beautifully bizarre as it sounds: Flower Vase Hair. This look, ideal for those with long locks, features tresses that are assembled atop the head like Marge Simpson. Once the hair is in place, fresh blooms are inserted into the ‘do to transform the style from one that’s purely decorative into something useful. In doing so, it creates the illusion that the wearer is balancing a curvy vase.

YouTuber Taylor R. is the woman behind the viral sensation. She was inspired by Beyoncé’s September 2018 Vogue cover that featured the superstar’s hair completely cloaked in flowers. Taylor translated Bey’s look into a style that’s easier to recreate. In a video demonstration, she shares a step-by-step process for how you can achieve your own Flower Vase Hair. The secret to the tall tresses? Place a plastic water bottle on your head; it also allows you to securely display your bouquet, and even switch out the blooms.

Taylor’s tutorial has since inspired many to share their own versions with the tag #flowervasehair. The variety of Instagram posts highlight the creative possibilities of this trend. You can, for instance, experiment with the type of plants in your vase or even create more than one of them on your head. Pair it with a flower crown for an ultimate goddess look.

Check out some of our favorite iterations of the trend, below.

One of the latest hair trends to take the Instagram world by storm is called Flower Vase Hair.

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Want to create your own #flowervasehair? The creator, Youtuber Taylor R., shows you how in this step-by-step video:


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