Funny Twitter Account Is Dedicated to Guessing Wrong ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Answers


If you’ve ever tuned into live television in the early evening, chances are you’ve seen an episode of the game show Wheel of Fortune. The popular program got its start in 1975 and continues to this day, led for over three decades by the iconic duo of host Pat Sajak and hostess/letter turner Vanna White. The simple premise of guessing letters and phrases will draw you in with your own suggestions. Most of the time, you probably try and guess the right answer—to prove that you would totally rock as a contestant. There’s one Twitter account, however, that guesses all the wrong answers with hilarious results.

Aptly called Wheel of Fortune Answers (@wofanswers), the absurdist Twitter shares nightly screenshots of games in progress along with answers that are so wrong you can’t help but laugh—and wish they were right. Because the account doesn’t exactly adhere to the rules of the game, they call out guesses that are sometimes profane and other times just don’t make any sense, like “steak pals” or “gravel goth.” You might be shaking your head, but @wofanswers calls those “solved.”

So if you’re not a stickler for the Wheel of Fortune rules, you’re sure to chortle at what this account comes up with. Get ready to laugh below.

Have you ever guessed Wheel of Fortune answers? One Twitter account is dedicated to doing so, and it’s hilarious.

Aptly called Wheel of Fortune Answers (@wofanswers), the funny Twitter has only been active for a short time, but it’s already produced some classics like this one…

… and the homeboys no one wants.

Other “answers” are so absurd that the words don’t even make sense together.

The account is not here for haters. Whenever a complaint is lodged against them (or logic applied), all that’s offered is a succinct “no.”

Wheel of Fortune Answers: Twitter
h/t: [Buzzfeed]

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