Illustrated “Curly Hair Problems” Anyone with Unruly Hair Can Relate To

Ask any curly-haired person and they’ll tell you that their coif has a mind all its own. Many people spend years searching for the right products to tame their locks, which can go from demure to unruly with just a little humidity in the air. Illustrator Angela Vaz chronicles these woes with her relatable comics that interject humor into the often frustrating style situations. In doing so, she commiserates with fellow curly-haired folks and reminds them that they’re not alone in their quest for perfect hair.

The 25-year-old often exaggerates her curls for comedic effect. In her illustrated world, they are out of control. Aptly calling them Curly Hair Problems, Vaz highlights the most common issues people face, particularly the fact that a curly coif will triple in volume at a moment’s notice. She also compares the relative freedom that her straight-haired friends have; they can wear bangs and brush their hair without looking like they stuck their finger in an electric socket.

While it takes some extra finessing to rock a curly head of hair, Vaz loves who she is. “Don’t get me wrong,” she writes, “I will choose my curls over straight hair any day.”

Vaz started her illustration career by creating webcomics, but she has since branched out into decorating products. Notebooks, calendars, and more are all available in her online shop, Stray Curls.

Angela Vaz creates hilariously relatable comics about the perils of having curly hair.

From instant volume to limited hair style choices, allow curly hair folks to commiserate.

Even fairy tale characters are not immune to frizz!

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