Ingenious Adjustable Cribs and Beds Grow as Children Do

They say that children grow up in the blink of an eye. And, as any parent knows, this means that they are always outgrowing something: shoes, clothes, and, most expensively, beds. Cribs are used for such a short time, and replacing one with a big-kid-bed can be a costly change. Recognizing this universal problem, TeeHee, an innovative European furniture company, has created a line of cribs and beds than can be adjusted to grow as babies, toddlers, and children do.

Three magical models—Illa, Illeta, and the Biombo crib/bed—comprise the creative collection. Illa features a crib that can be easily transformed into a toddler bed. It also has a handy platform that can function as a changing table, desk, or bench. Illa’s sister model, Illeta, is nearly identical in design. Unlike Illa, however, Illeta features ample cabinet space for infant supplies, toys, books, and clothes. Forgoing all of the bells and whistles for a more classic construction, the Biombo crib and toddler bed are much more straightforward: the basic crib can be turned into a standard bed.

Each piece is simple in design and left unpainted, showcasing the beautiful, natural colors of the wood (Illa and Illeta are made from Scandinavian birch, while the Biombo pieces are carved from chestnut) and enabling it to seamlessly fit in with any decor. Aesthetically pleasing and unbelievably multi-functional, TeeHee’s adjustable furniture have turned decorating a kid’s room into child’s play!

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