Ingenious Masking Tape Transforms Any Blank Notebook Into a Calendar

bullet journal calendar masking tape

Looking to transform your notebook into something more organized or create the perfect bullet journal calendar? Japanese stationery store icco nico has created an easy, ingenious masking tape that’s up to the task. Using two rolls of washi tape, one for numbers and one for days of the week (in Japanese), it takes seconds to whip up a customizable calendar on an empty piece of paper.

The Sticking Calendar, or Harukoyomi, can be used to create monthly or weekly calendars. Realistically, its repeating numbers allow for any type of calendar your desire. And, if you don’t already know Japanese, it’s a fun excuse to learn the days of the week in a new language. Each roll is 33 ft (1000 cm) long, and gives you enough tape for 4.5 years worth of planning.

The innovative washi tape, which retails for 680 yen (about $6) each, was released on December 5, 2016 on the icco nico shop, and here’s hoping they’ll make it available shortly on their Amazon store.

Making a calendar has never been so easy.

bullet journal calendar masking tape

Icco Nico: Website | Amazon
h/t: [Spoon Tamago]

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