Innovative Floating Tent Makes the World Your Waterbed to Sleep Under the Stars

Floating Water Tent

You can’t walk on water, but you can now sleep on it thanks to the Shoal Tent from Smithfly. The first of its kind, this floating raft is equipped with a tent topper that allows you to stay dry while you sleep under the stars. “The world is your waterbed,” the company writes, and they encourage you to set up camp on the likes of a tranquil farm pond or gentle spring creek. You’ll be lulled into slumber in no time when you take in the soothing flow of the water underneath you.

So, how does this floating tent work? Devoid of poles, the inflatable waterproof structure is sturdy and can stand up to high winds; there are three air chambers in the raft body with two in the lower tube and one in structure. The six-inch drop floor doubles as your air mattress, making this all you need for a unique camping experience.

When assembled, the Shoal Tent measures 8 ft x 8 ft with an interior space allowance for people who are up to 6 feet, 3 inches tall. But if you’re bigger than that, you can lay diagonally for even more room.

The floating house comes equipped with everything you’ll need for setup. One kit includes a storage bag, patch set, and manual foot pump. Smithfly is now taking pre-orders for this product to be delivered in December 2017 or January 2018.

Smithfly has created a floating water tent that makes the world your waterbed.

Floating Water Tent
Floating Water Tent

The inflatable structure can stand up to heavy winds with the floor doubling as an air mattress.

Floating Tent Smithfly
Floating Water Tent

All you need is to find a tranquil pond or creek to sleep on!

Floating Tent Smithfly
Floating Tent Smithfly

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h/t: [NOTCOT, Inhabitat]

All images via Smithfly. 

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