Magical Mermaid Tail Cakes Add a Tasty Touch of Fantasy to Dessert

Mermaids are currently enjoying an extra bright moment in the spotlight. The trend first caught our eye last year when dazzling sea shell-encrusted crowns transformed women into modern-day mermaids. Since then, the mythical creature’s vibrant colors and iconic fish-fin tail have been inspiration for sparkling jewelry, unconventional hair dye, and cozy craft projects. So, marrying these same charming characteristics with food makes perfect sense. Cakes are quickly proving that they can be as stunning as sculptures; mermaid cakes combine this artistry with some under-the-sea fun.

While many mermaid cake ideas involve the classic Disney film The Little Mermaid, our favorite iterations of this dessert trend focus on just the tail. Some of these cakes take the form of one big set of fins and incorporate colorful fondant to mimic scales. Alternative versions of mermaid cakes use the tail as an oversize cake topper. When set on top of the dessert, it looks as though a mermaid is swimming just under the surface of the icing. Regardless of the style, however, the results are enchanting.

If you want to try making your own mermaid cake, Chelsey White of Chelsweets has a full set of instructions on her website. Essentially, you’re assembling a cylindrical pyramid and then affixing jewel-colored fondant around the base and towards the fins. Although it might look too good to eat, there’s no doubt you’ll want to dig in.

Mermaid cakes are a tasty way to have some “under the sea” fun. If you’re looking for mermaid cake ideas, check out some of the creative—and delicious—creations below!

Mermaid Cake Ideas

Photo: Chelsey White

h/t: [Cosmopolitan]

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