Mom Prepares Healthy Meals as Cartoon Characters for Son to Eat

Getting pint-sized, picky eaters to finish their fruits and vegetables can be a tricky task for many parents. For food artist Laleh Mohmedi, however, it’s a piece of cake. Using healthy ingredients and a bit of creativity, the Melbourne mom dishes out meals inspired by her 4-year-old son’s favorite animated characters.

From expressive Pixar monsters to a spot-on Spongebob Squarepants, Mohmedi reproduces a range of beloved childhood icons out of meat, pasta, and other dinner staples. After snapping a photo of each edible work of art, Mohmedi shares it on her Instagram page, Jacob’s Food Diaries. Her creative craft has achieved Internet admiration with over 65,000 foodie followers.

Unsurprisingly, each impressive plate requires preparation and patience. “It takes about 20-35 minutes depending on the character,” Mohmedi dished to the Daily Mail. “The night before, Jacob tells me what character he wants. When he tells me what character he wants from a book or something he’s seen, I Google the image and see what colors they use.” Sometimes, Mohmedi lucks out and can craft a creation without changing the ingredients’ natural hues. Other times, she must improvise, concocting unconventional dyes from things like squid ink, beetroot, and kale juice.

Since her first creation—a lion-shaped pancake—Mohmedi has viewed the process as a labor of love, and remains motivated by her son’s enduring enthusiasm. “Jacob’s excitement from the first one I made to the ones I make now is the same.”

Don’t forget to check out all of Mohmedi’s cartoon-y culinary creations on Instagram. They’re (almost) too good to eat!

Scroll down for a taste of Mohmedi’s fantastic food art.


Jacob’s Food Diaries: Website | Instagram | Facebook 
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All images via Jacob’s Food Diaries.

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