New ‘Mini Museum’ Lets You Display a Quirky Tabletop Gallery at Home

mini museum odd collectibles

Mini Museum 3, Large Edition.

Always wanted your own private museum collection? Hans Fex was looking for a way to bring science and history to more people when he created the Mini Museum. Now in its third edition, the Mini Museum encases quirky pieces of history in resin, bringing a miniature museum to homes around the globe.

Fex was inspired by his father, a research scientist and Director at the National Institute of Health. Recalling his incredible collection of artifacts, Fex created a manageable set that could fit into any home.

Each tiny collection is filled with fun artifacts cast in resin, making an easy and portable collectible that is always a conversation piece. Every edition of the Mini Museum has been released via Kickstarter, and the third is now available in both a small (12-piece) and large (29-piece) version.

Just what’s in this museum? The third edition contains everything from a piece of Steve Jobs’ turtleneck and Charles and Di’s wedding cake to a 14th-century samurai sword. The limited edition collectible comes with a certificate of authenticity, as well as a companion guide to get some knowledge about the artifacts.

The previous two collections have sold out, and this third Mini Museum is well on its way, so jump on Kickstarter if you are interested in having your own, private museum.

mini museum odd collectibles

First Transatlantic Cable Specimen

mini museum odd collectibles

Dire Wolf Specimen

mini museum odd collectibles

Interior of the WW II Enigma Rotor Specimen

mini museum odd collectibles

Architectural work uncovering early 14th century Venice

mini museum odd collectibles

Each Mini Museum comes with a companion guide explaining the history of each piece.

Mini Museum: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Kickstarter
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All images via Mini Museum.

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