Realistically Crafted Clay Succulents Are “Living” Accessories That Last Forever

Living succulent jewelry is stunningly beautiful, but it comes with a big drawback—eventually, the plants will wilt. Iryna Osinchuk-Chajka of Eten Iren, known for her magical butterfly crowns, has cheated death by creating a variety of succulent accessories that will last forever. Although they look persuasively realistic, the necklaces, hair accessories, and ring boxes are adorned with polymer clay plants.

Osinchuk-Chajka uses a material that bakes in the oven to form tiny waxy-looking buds and curled leaves in a bevy of green hues. The handiwork is exceptionally convincing thanks to her attention to detail—Osinchuk-Chajka highlights the subtle changes in color that are common in the popular plants. It’s nearly impossible to tell that they’re expertly-crafted sculptures as opposed to living flora.

Marketed towards weddings, these stylish and modern accessories are all available through the Eten Iren Etsy shop.

Eten Iren: Etsy | Facebook | Instagram
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