‘Shine Line’ Hair Trend Dyes a Brilliant Optical Illusion into Women’s Hair

The past few years have demonstrated that hair is fantastic and unexpected canvas for unconventional art. Hair colorists are continually finding new and exciting ways to dye their clients’ coifs—from hidden rainbows to holographic hair to hues that magically change based on the environment. One of the latest hair trends for 2017 is called shine line hair. This innovative style is an optical illusion. A wearer’s locks are dyed to mimic a gleam of light, and they look as though they’ve got a rainbow-colored laser beam projected onto their head.

The shine line hair trend is a take on an earlier 2014 style called splashlights. Originally pioneered by New York-based colorist Aura Friedman, that particular iteration featured a bleached horizontal band spanning ear to ear. The effect looked like a ray of light was striking the hair, as the roots and tips were kept a consistently darker color. This is the same with shine line; the vibrant dye at the top of the head stays the same at the ends to imitate a prism. Between that, however, there’s a mesmerizing transition of incredible hues to marvel over.

If you’d like to try the shine line hair trend for yourself, it’s best to go to a professional colorist who has access to the latest and great dyes. Afterwards, prepare to shine on, you crazy diamond!

One of the new hair trends for 2017 is known as shine line hair trend. It’s a brilliant optical illusion that looks like a rainbow laser beam has projected onto your head.

Shine Line Hair

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Trending Hair Colors

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Shine Line Hair Trend

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