Stylish Kimonos Blend Traditional Japanese Silhouette with Scandinavian Minimalism

Wool Kimono

Designer and tailor T. Michael (left) and Takayuki Yajima, the director of Y. & Sons

When designers of different cultures collaborate, it opens up the possibilities for new interpretations of ancient traditions. The kimono, for instance, is a cornerstone of Japanese culture. Often adorned in bright colors and motifs, the garments have been around for centuries and still take their cues from long ago.

The upcoming T-Kimono, however, is a unique twist on the authentic Japanese kimono. Developed by Norwegian tailor and designer T-Michael and Tokyo-based company Y. & Sons, the bespoke fashions blend the silhouette of the traditional robes with the minimalism of Scandinavian style. Most notably, there are no patterns on these kimonos; rather, they’re clad in colors like blue and grey.

Made from a wool-suit material, the weight of the T-Kimono fabric offers supple draping with bold-yet-clean lines and structured curves. These characteristics are similar to that of a Western-style tailored suit. Combined with the loose-fitting nature of a kimono, it’s a stylish blending of the two distinct design aesthetics—and it looks great.

With its muted hues and focus on minimalism, the T-Kimono is geared towards a younger male audience. They’re not available yet, but Y. & Sons will start carrying them in October 2017.

The T-Kimono is a collaboration between Norwegian tailor and design T-Michael and the Japanese company Y. & Sons. They’ve reimagined the authentic Japanese kimono to appeal to a younger male audience.

Wool Kimono
Wool Kimono
Wool Kimono

Created as a wool kimono, it drapes in the same way as a Western-style suit. It’ll be available at Y. & Sons in October 2017. In the meantime, they have summer styles available:

Authentic Japanese Kimono
Authentic Japanese Kimono
Authentic Japanese Kimono
Authentic Japanese Kimono

You can visit Y. & Sons in Tokyo.

Authentic Japanese Kimono

T-Michael: Website | Facebook | Instagram
Y. & Sons: Website | Facebook | Instagram
h/t: [Spoon & Tamago]

All images via Y. & Sons.

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