This Heroic Police Dog Shows How to Properly Perform CPR on Humans


Police Dog CPR Madrid

They say that dog is man’s best friend, and for good reason. In addition to offering companionship to their owners, many dogs are trained to take on special tasks, including rejuvenating forestscomforting those affected by trauma, and, as evident in a recent viral video shared by the Madrid Police, even administering CPR.

The short clip features Poncho, a particularly skilled police dog, putting on a “heroic performance.” During a demonstration, a police officer pretends to collapse after seemingly suffering from cardiac arrest. Immediately after he hits the floor, Poncho—clad in a harness outfitted with a blinking blue light—comes running.

Once he reaches the officer, he begins strategically pouncing on his chest, stopping only to check the man’s breathing. The determined pup carries out this process until the alert officer stands up 10 seconds later.

In a tweet, the Madrid Police praises Poncho, proudly explaining that he “did not hesitate a moment in ‘saving the life’ of the agent.” To further emphasize the importance Poncho—and their entire K9 unit—they end the tweet with , an adorable hashtag with a too-cute translation: “partners with 4 paws.”

What a good boy!

See Poncho the police dog in action.

h/t: [Laughing Squid]

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