Vermont Will Pay People Who Work From Home Up to $10,000 to Move There

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Working remotely is on an upward trend, with more and more companies deciding to hire internationally in order to diversify their talent pools. And for employees who are lucky enough to snag such a flexible position, they have freedom to live anywhere in the world—provided there’s an Internet connection. If you work from home in a busy city, perhaps a relocation to somewhere a little more scenic sounds appealing. And if you don’t mind the cold, Vermont could be the place for you.

Although Vermont is rich in beautiful landscapes, it has a rapidly shrinking tax base and an aging population. In a bid to counter the economic crisis, the state’s Governor Phil Scott signed a bill this week that promises to pay remote workers up to $10,000 to cover relocation costs to The Green Mountain State. In effect from January 1st 2019, the grant will be distributed to 100 people each year for the first three years, and 20 applicants each year from then on. To be considered, you must be a full-time, remote employee of a business based outside of Vermont.

If you’re not sure if you’re ready to commit, the state of Vermont is also offering another incentive called Stay to Stay Weekends. The program aims to connect visitors with local employers in the hope that they’ll be convinced to stay permanently. Find out more on the Vermont Vacation website.

Do you work from home? Vermont will pay up to $10,000 for you to relocate there.

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The incentive is part of a plan to counter the state’s rapidly shrinking tax base and aging population.

Work From Home in Vermont

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