Wanderlust-Inducing Images Capture Majestic Views of Iceland

Self-taught photographer Lukas Furlan recently traveled to Iceland, where he shot an incredible series of images that capture the country’s spectacular landscape. Iceland’s scenery has long been a draw for photographers, who can’t help but be inspired by the moody Nordic environment. From iconic waterfalls to gushing geysers, the iconic beauty of Iceland is explored fully by Furlan.

Currently based in Vienna, the young photographer has amassed a large following for his urban and landscape photography. Here, his dramatically composed images play with the scale of man and nature. An occasional glimpse of a figure in a red or yellow parka, popping against the rich blues and greens of the environment, reminds us of how very small we are in relation to the great outdoors.

Scroll down for more images that will make you want to book your next trip to Iceland, as well as a drone video shot by Furlan’s travel partner Ben Orp.


Lukas Furlan: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Behance
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All images via Lukas Furlan.

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