Wooden Bookends Transform Ordinary Shelves Into Mini Back Alleys of Tokyo


Cool Bookends

Photo: Monde

Bookends are an easy and practical way to organize your shelf, but that doesn’t mean they need to be boring. Many creatives have transformed these home decor staples into sought-after art objects, all thanks to their clever designs. A Japanese designer named monde recently debuted a set of unique bookends that are inspired by the alleyways of Tokyo. While the bookends appear as plain boxes from either side, the center of each reveals an incredible display of urban details.

Each miniature scene features the trappings of a real back alley. Nestled within monde’s three creations are piping, potted plants, stairways, and windows that overlook the narrow paths. Everything is produced by hand and makes the intricate bookends feel like a grown-up dollhouse. They invite us to imagine ourselves within them—much like a good book does.

The unique bookends were on display at Design Festa, which is a Tokyo-based arts and craft event. If you’re interested in purchasing the alley-inspired items, you can contact monde via Twitter.

Japanese designer monde has created a set of unique bookends that look like the alleyways of Tokyo.

Unique Bookends

Photo: riku_ton

Here’s what they look like in between books:

Cool Bookends

Photo: riku_ton

Monde: Twitter
h/t: [Spoon & Tamago]

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