‘Banc Frais’ By Jean Couvreur

Providing a contemporary option for spontaneous gatherings in urban spaces, Paris-based designer Jean Couvreur has created a minimalist bench, entitled ‘Banc Frais’. The piece integrates a water pump system, enabling passers-by to refresh during busy city living.

‘Banc Frais’ was presented as part of the LYON C!TY Demain festival, offering an innovative work of outdoor furniture to the public. The bench is made from white concrete, stretching 3 meters wide and weighing 3.5 tonnes. A subtle, shallow well has been delicately carved away from the top surface, which reveals itself when the built-in irrigation system is activated by turning a wheel, filling the space with fresh water. Due to the porosity of the concrete material, the water retains its freshness and evaporates naturally. Couvreur has taken the ideas of social gathering and a reminder of wellbeing back to basics, providing a simple initiative that values archaic principles.

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