Jouk Oosterhof’s Portraits Of Her Neighbor And Muse

Over the course of 15 years, Dutch photographer Jouk Oosterhof captured portraits of her neighbor and muse, André.

The two first met when André knocked on Oosterhof’s door to complain about the volume of her music. Intrigued by his facial expression, the photographer started taking photos of her neighbor in his pastel-toned apartment, starting with polaroids before creating a series for Dutch newspaper supplement, “AD Magazine”, on film. She later included him in a shoot for Playboy Magazine, stating of the series as a whole, “This collection of photographs plots the evolution of a muse,” the photographer notes. Through the ageing of us both in these 15 years and the diversity of scenarios, it shows André’s loyalty and trust, it reflects me, and it reflects a fascination with one natural man.”

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