Chrissie White Discovers Her Own Identity From Behind The Camera

Chrissie White is a fine art and editorial photographer who finds inspiration in various modes in which we interpret reality. From a very young age, Chrissie has used photography with the desire of escaping the real world to explore her own identity.

Her photographs are characterized by bold colors, whimsical stories, and the wilderness which lets the beholder dive deep into visions of a surreal and vibrant world. Living in Seattle and Washington, Chrissie likes to explore new themes for her projects on the open road, getting inspired by a starry sky or an electricity bill. For her project titled “Awakening The Spirit”, the photographer experiments while camping in the wilderness, capturing nude bodies with long exposure taken at night. While Chrissie used to work with themes such as her personal dreams, she now deals with the human spirit within nature and how spending time outdoors in the wild can generate positive wholesome feelings.

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