Gallery Of Furniture By CHYBIK+KRISTOF

Rows of black plastic seats line the exterior of a furniture showroom designed by architecture practice CHYBIK+KRISTOF. Unsurprisingly, the impressive façade has also became a creative advertising banner for the business.

Once an old car showroom on the outskirts of a housing estate in the Czech Republic, today the building accommodates the showroom, warehouse and offices for a furniture company. The architect’s brief  was to find a cost effective architectural solution, given the temporary nature of the investment. Over 900 plastic were fixed to the steel structure of building, forming the interesting façade. Keeping pragmatism in mind, the architects ensured that there is a possibility to replace the chairs in a case of damage, and that the high-pressure water cleaning can be done once to twice a year. The inner showroom is split between three circular galleries, separated with curtains and each representing the three different segments of company’s business.

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