Villa Located In Finnish Seaside Town By Mer Arkkitehdit

Integrated into the surrounding rocky terrain in the historic Finnish seaside town of Hanko, architecture studio Mer Arkkitehdit designed this spruce-clad villa surrounded by pine forests.

The Helsinki-based architecture studio submerged the basement level of the house by cutting into the rock, while the main floor sits on top of the cliff, facing towards the Baltic Sea. The residence is painted with traditional linseed-oil paint to reflect the area’s 19th-century buildings. Rocks appear with a unique style both in the exterior and inside, where the spectacular landscape can be observed through its glass walls. By entering the villa, leaf-green floor tiles reference the surrounding pine forests, contrasting with the white and wooden interior. In the living room, dining room, and kitchen spaces, the furniture have more of a retro style. The flat roof of the basement level has been clad with decking and balustrades, serving as a wooden terrace that can be entered from the main living area, while a gabled zinc-covered roof on the first floor provides a hardy and weather-resistant shelter to the wind and spray from the sea.

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