Modern Blackout Curtains Turn Windows into Penthouse Views of a City at Night

Shadow Art Window Blinds

When it comes to window blinds, our options for something that’s truly unique can seem limited. But as Ukrainian designers HoleRoll demonstrate, modern blinds for windows can transcend their practicality and double as spectacular shadow art for your home. They’ve created panels that, when closed, create the illusion of glittering cityscapes at night.

To produce this spectacular triptych, HoleRoll has treated the panels as if they were pieces of paper. The unique window blinds have tiny shapes cut out to let pockets of light shine through. It’s the negative space, however, that brings the design to life by mimicking the form of bustling landscapes. For someone who lives outside of a city, the modern decor brings a touch of the urban indoors—without all the congestion or noise.

Ukrainian designers HoleRoll have created a unique window blinds that double as spectacular works of shadow art.

Unique Window Blinds
Unique Window Blinds
Modern Blinds for Windows
Modern Blinds for Windows
Unique Window Blinds

HoleRoll: Website | VK
h/t: [Reddit]

All images via HoleRoll.

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