Share Found Objects From Your Travels with This Ingenious Japanese Stationary

Inspired by “observed and collected fragments of strangeness,” Tokyo-based illustrator Haruka Shinji has come up with a creative way to share found objects with friends and family. With Preserve Your Travel, a piece of unique stationary, you can easily save and send tiny samples and delightful discoveries through the mail.

Comparable to a miniature museum, each fascinating card features a square specimen window. Once the card is unfolded, it becomes clear that this window is composed of two plastic sheets intended to protect and display a small, relatively flat article. Some senders prefer to preserve organic objects, like delicate leaves, colorful flower petals, and exquisite feathers, while others may opt for small souvenirs, like special tickets, tiny trinkets, and other collected ephemera.

While Shinji’s background is predominantly in illustration, she decided to dabble in design to create the Preserve Your Travel prototype—a concept that earned her an award from a paper card design competition. As a result, her popular paper creation is now produced by Fukunaga Print, a Tokyo-based paper-crafting company, and remains a whimsical way to capture the artist’s interest in “mingling real fragments into [an] imaginary world.”

If you’re interested in creating your own paper cabinet of curiosities, you can pick up a Preserve Your Travel card from the Kamigu shop.

Tokyo-based illustrator Haruka Shinji has created Preserve Your Travel, a unique stationary set that allows you to send organic objects like plants by mail.

Unique Stationary Send Plants by Mail Haruka Shinji
Unique Stationary Send Plants by Mail Haruka Shinji


Haruka Shinji: Website | Facebook | InstagramTumblr
h/t: [Spoon & Tamago]

All images via Haruka Shinji.

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