The “Classic” Black Brick House By Michal Nowak

Based in Wrocław, Poland, Michal Nowak posts most of his designs on the creative art platform Behance, where they thrive and receive much praise from architecture and design fans. The “Classic” House is no different. Designed with black brick, the house is beautifully brutalist with sharp edges and a unique stacked structure. Large windows open the edifice to plenty of natural light and a flat rectangular chimney protruding from the home’s roof implies a warm hearth in its interior. A beautiful gray metal fence borders the house, ceasing momentarily for the driveway where an Audi R8 is parked. If I were a conceptual person, I would love to live here, if I could conceptually afford it. And though it’s just a concept, it is substantially cool. Meanwhile you can check real brick house.

house with large front windows

brick house with black trim

brick house with black roof

brick house with black metal roof

black brick home

black brick house

house with large windows

houses with large glass windows


H/T: Beautifullife

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