Daniel Buren’s Observatory Of Light

The Louis Vuitton Fondation in Paris is currently showing a temporary work by french artist Daniel Buren, a representant of conceptual art.  “Observatory of Light” is a translucent and multicoloured chess pattern, installed across the glass sails of the Museum’s building designed by Frank Ghery.

12 sails formed of 36.000 pieces of polychrome glass show the building in a new light. The 13 colours make forms appear and disappear, depending on the time of day and season. Since the 1960ies, Daniel Buren uses vertical stripes which he calls “visual tools”, alternating white and colour, to draw attention to buildings or context.

Art_Daniel_Buren_Interventions_Light_12 Art_Daniel_Buren_Interventions_Light_09 Art_Daniel_Buren_Interventions_Light_01 Art_Daniel_Buren_Interventions_Light_02 Art_Daniel_Buren_Interventions_Light_06 Art_Daniel_Buren_Interventions_Light_07 Art_Daniel_Buren_Interventions_Light_05 Art_Daniel_Buren_Interventions_Light_10 Art_Daniel_Buren_Interventions_Light_08 Art_Daniel_Buren_Interventions_Light_04 Art_Daniel_Buren_Interventions_Light_11 Art_Daniel_Buren_Interventions_Light_03

All images © Fondation Louis Vuitton

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