Estudio’s Oslo House Overlooking The Spanish Mountains

Ramón Esteve from Allicante


Oslo House’ is the recently completed property by Spanish architect Ramón Esteve Estudio. Located in Alicante, Spain, the open-plan residence is set amidst a hilly landscape and features two carefully positioned concrete volumes that overlap each other like stacked blocks.

According to the architects, the house is positioned on the ground by means of a stone base adapted to the mountainside slope. “The floor slabs have got openings that allow natural light inside”, explains the firm, “Thus improving the link between interior and exterior”. The entrance to the all-white property is at the rear, which features white stone walls, and wood and marble surfaces—including a marble staircase and floors. The house is completed by an infinity pool with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean coast.


h/t: Ignant

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