A Majestic, Snow-Covered Winter Wonderland For The Metaverse, By Andrés Reisinger


Displaying the original aesthetic of Reisinger, ‘Winter House’ was created in vivid detail to convey a feeling of tranquility for the cold season: “a winter heaven in the metaverse,” explains a project statement. Characterized by clear geometric lines and soothing colors, the house is composed from a combination of different architectural movements, including seminal German designer Dieter Rams’s early 1960’s designs. The residence’s contrasts and dualities are vital elements to create a distinctive habitat that revolves around intimacy and seclusion. “The various areas of the house are designed to seem open and immersed in the winter landscape, while at the same time, convey a sense of intimacy and warmth,” the statement continues.

“We envisioned what the cold season could look like in the metaverse, gathered all the feelings of quietness, stillness, and comfort we associate with winter, and translated them into a residential form,” Reisinger goes on to explain. Car tyre marks and tree branches covered in soft, powdery snow, bright natural light pouring in through floor-to-ceiling glass windows, and a fire burning under a suspended fireplace, are just some of the beautiful details painted by the artist in this poised and contemporary setting. ‘Winter House’ represents another tangible step towards the digitalization of interiors and real estate, being the preliminary project of a metaverse architecture company Reisinger is in the process of establishing with other partners. Take a preview at the sublime images below.


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