“I Always Try To Catch The Perfect Line”: A Conversation With Artist Frédéric Forest


While ready to embark on his next adventures, Forest remains quite skeptical of the current art landscape, and the way art is nourished and consumed. “People are interested in art because there’s money to be made; few are interested in what it is or should be,” he says with a defeated tone. “Nowadays, you could call it art entertainment. We don’t follow a movement or artists, we follow what algorithms offer us, which is a flow of information,” he adds. “The tricky thing with this connected world is that we want it to go fast yet sustainably. Good things take time. Today, most artists present on social networks have each produced more works than Picasso or Matisse have in their entire lives. I myself have already made more than 10,000 drawings, and that in less than five years.” The solution? For Forest it may lie in simply slowing down and in harkening back to simpler times, before the internet. “It’s a sentiment felt by many. I really appreciate the urge to return to real things, from countryside lifestyles to vinyl records, or clothes designed to last. This is also true for drawing. Simple ink on paper is now resonating more than a digitally crafted illustration,” he says.

Forest leaves us with a nugget of wisdom and a call to action: “It’s wonderful to have this connected world, but it’s important to remember that we live with it, not in it. Life is not something we live through our screen. If you are ever in Paris, go to the Orangerie Museum, walk by the Nymphéas of Monet, and you’ll understand the real power of art and its beauty. Trust me, it will outdo any app.”


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