In ‘Heliophilia’, Alba De La Fuente Creates Meditative Encounters With Space And Light


Fascinated by the representational and compositional aspects of architecture, Spanish architect de La Fuente’s work has extended predominantly to digital art, with intriguing and visually-striking outcomes. Starting out, the digital medium allowed her to experiment with designs and ideas, without having to translate her visions into tangible, physical realities. “When you are young and inexperienced it is very difficult to give voice to your ideas in the architecture world; 3D gave me that voice I needed,” she tells IGNANT. Today, de la Fuente aims to emphasize the interconnection of the two fields through an experimental approach to architecture in the form of digital art installations. “For me, architecture and digital art share not only the same objectives, such as the material expression of an idea of place, but can contribute a lot to each other,” she says.


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