Space And Objects Complement One Another In Photonic And Koolasuchus’s Interior Visualizations


“For Koolasuchus, luxury is found in space, in timelessness, and in the individual beauty of every piece in the space,” the studio explains. Approached as gallery space, their interiors are directed by object design; “a specific piece of furniture, lighting, sculpture, or artwork can be the ‘lightbulb moment’ that initiates our work,” they say. In their latest project ‘Aurora’, for example, Koolasuchus started with the Achilles Chair by Pool Studio, and added spatial and design elements that would harmonize with and complement the statement piece, and vice-versa. “The statement quality [of the chair] was subdued by a minimalist tonal palette for a more relaxed atmosphere,” they explain. Other recent eye-catching spaces, including ‘Faberge Apartment’, ‘Cabinet’, and ‘Stair’ follow the same method, combining lightness, pared-back furnishings, and material textures, to create a unique multi-sensory experience.


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