Wang & Söderström On Broadening The Aesthetics And Meanings Of The Digital


Their latest exhibition in Copenhagen, ‘Royal Chambers—Home as Host, Host as Home’, did precisely that: it investigated our relationship with digital and natural developments, examining notions of life and living by way of sculpture, interactive installation, and visual media. “The project put our human gaze towards the digital and environmental shifts from a perspective and a world we wish to unfold, that of home,” explains Tim. “It explored different types of homes, offering a holistic perspective of human, non-human, and digital lives. It meditated on how digital technology is intertwined with the physical world through works that aim to expand what home and living mean,” he continues. The work ‘Wh331 0f 1!f3’, for example, highlights the vulnerability of our digital presence as we follow computer viruses navigating the wheel to attain digital nirvana. “The interactive installation ‘Nest of You’ instead draws parallels between the power of technology giants and giant queen ants in the context of society’s routine-based flows, which feed the giants,” explains Anny.

Offering a broader, more integrated idea of home, care, and connection, the project highlights a more nuanced notion of life—one in which Earth becomes a home of a scale too difficult to decipher in its interwoven fullness, and the digital world becomes animal, soft, and peculiarly sensual, both highlighting and subverting the organic at the same time. “The project is to be extended into a book, which is to be released this spring,” Tim is proud to point out, revealing how themes of invisible life and structures in the digital space as well as in nature—including forces like microbes, technofossils, virus attacks, habitats, data harvesting, parasites, and more—will be further expanded. “The book will include essays from five contributing writers and unfold the term ‘home’ even more, as a multifaceted ecosystem.”


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