Maggie Casey’s Ethereal Threaded Installations


Philadelphia-based textile artist Maggie Casey creates extraordinary free-standing tapestries and architectural constructions, taking materials like string, silk, and plaster and elevating them to arrestive new heights.

The fiber artist’s fascination with string is informed by her background in weaving, sewing and pattern making. Casey harnesses materials for what they are and creates installations that give the perception of a moment frozen in time. Her artworks range from room installations to smaller projects and sculptures. Larger pieces include ‘Stairs’: an ascending staircase in an abandoned ball court made from monofilament fiber, string, and staples; and ‘Skim’: a floating mass of many beaded curtains knotted together and held up by invisible wires. Smaller works include ‘Breaker’: an abstract cavern-like painted plaster mold, colored netting wall hangings, and ‘Cloud’: a delicately hanging cloud model made from silk organza, held in place by thread, copper tacks and wood.


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